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AU where Hogwarts students were actually nice to Filch and if they broke something or made a mess they’d use charms to fix it instead of expecting an old man to clean up all their shit. And maybe they’d send him cards at christmas, or ask him to play a game of chess with them, or maybe even bring treats for Mrs. Norris. Or heck, maybe even apologize when they screwed up. Why was everyone so mean to Filch.


if you’re gonna unfollow me you’ll have to go through

the perfume department 


driving is so dangerous ur literally controlling a giant metal contraption with a circle and some foot buttons



so apparently people talk to their pets in baby voices, but when i see my cat i’m just like ‘hey brad’ and he’s like ‘meow’ and the conversation is over.

I don’t know why but for some reason the fact that your cat’s name is brad is hilarious to me


its a shame that in 6 or so billion years, any and all existence on earth will be wiped out by the sun’s expansion, and it’s almost scary to think about how even now the sun continues to grow bigger and hotter, sexy and hotter let’s shut it down. pound the alarm

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